How It all started

I guess it’s a little overrated to say that I’ve tried everything in my search to get my journey to raw foodyhealthier and lose weight. I’ve got about forty pounds to lose, and I think that would make me very happy. I have tried quite a few things in the past to lose weight and well, today I live with the results. Some of them have worked, some of them, more acurrately most of them have been too hard for me to follow through, and some of them just plainly made me throw in the towel and go ahead and buy size 14 because it was too complicated.

Probably the first thing I’ve ever tried was calorie counting, when I was still a teenager. Did it work: yes. I lost about twenty pounds relatively quick, in a couple of months or so. Was it easy: No. I thought about food all the time, I started binging and feeling quilty, losing weight was so much pressure that I found myself desperate and confused. Would I do it again: No. I didn’t feel like I was doing this to get healthy, I really felt I was doing it for the looks (even though that’s not bad for a teenager, I don’t think that way anymore and that wouldn’t be enough motivation now)

Next diet I tried : working out every day two hours, seven days a week, for six years. The weight stayed down, fluctuated a little bit. I guess I couldn’t keep my weight constant because when you don’t have a diet, working out so much makes you really hungry, especially when you don’t watch the sugar. Would I do it again :No. It is exhausting working out so much.

Next is the cabbage diet, which I modified because I can’t eat only cabbage soup. The soup is bland and it is just plain boring, especially when everyone else is eating something else. I hated the soup, and I felt deprived, it did work though, but after a week or so you just go back to the original diet you are used to and it is not life changing, you don’t feel miraculous.

Next, the maple syrup cleanse. I religiously followed it for three days, I planned ten days, I had to quit because I felt dizzy and I got scared. Would I do it again:No. Too depriving.

I looked at the HCG diet, garcinia cambogia, raspberry keytone. Not impressed. First, HCG sounds crazy. I took the other two, gc and rk, and I may have felt some results, but not amazing.

So I guess you can say I will try a few things to be healthy, happy and slim.

Why I’m so happy on the raw food diet: I have been eating almost entirely raw for one week and I’m never hungry, never cranky, never negative, I find I get more rest, I wake up earlier in the morning, I get a deeper sleep at night, my skin cleared up and I feel like I’ve lost some weight ( I refuse to weight myself because I don’t want to be influenced by some number ). Why I’m planning to stick to the raw food diet : right now is spring, and having so many fruits and veggies in the summer time available, locally grown, makes it a no brainer to take advantage of it.

My plan for the future: eat seasonal. In the summer fruits and veggies, in the winter, since I live in Ontario and we do have quite a few months of winter, if this winter is going to be anything like the previous, then I will include some other foods too since the cold really gets to me. I would include some foods later on like goat cheese, more nuts. Right now I’m not craving anything, so we’ll see.

The point of all this: if you are like me and you have tried quite a few things to get healthy, this is my favourite and I feel the best on it :raw food diet.

It’s 4 pm and what I had today is :half an avocado, some orange, banana, some flax-seed, kiwi, and I feel great.